Colton McCaffrey

As a lacrosse player for 15 years, Colton spent countless days with his family at tournaments in the blistering hot sun. Watching his dad drag a tent, cooler and chairs across an entire field in the 100 degree weather, he realized how much time, money, and effort his parents were spending to provide food, drinks, shade, comfort, and much more to McCaffrey and his teammates. Colton realized how much work it was trying to keep everyone cool and hydrated, it became difficult to relax and enjoy the tournament.

As Colton went to college, he kept that idea in the back of his mind, and is now fixing the problem. After playing lacrosse and graduating from the University of Denver, Colton teamed up with an experienced Chris Lewis who had the visions of giving back to the Denver City Lax program. Volunteering time to City Lax previously, Colton saw that as a way to give back to the sport of lacrosse, and overwhelmingly agreed on the mission. From that point forward, Re Lax was born.


Wilkins Dismuke

Johns Hopkins University alum and four year member of the Men’s lacrosse team, Dismuke has been playing lacrosse for the past 20 years and currently plays in the MLL for the Dallas Rattlers. Along with Colton, he watched his parents lug gear around at tournaments all summer, and most of the time this gear was typically purchased at the start of a tournament and thrown at the end of the weekend. Seeing this hassle every weekend for the past 15 years made it very easy to get on board. After hearing that Re Lax would be working with Harlem Lacrosse, an organization Dismuke had previously spent time with while in the Baltimore area made the decision to work for Re Lax a no brainer. Teaming up with McCaffrey and Lewis in 2018 Dismuke came on as the Director of Growth and hopes to see Re Lax reach all new heights in 2019!


Chris Lewis

The long-time owner and the creator of the original mass market game film company, Elevation Video, Chris has a special connection to the amateur sports event world.
From executing operations at the most exclusive club soccer events in the world, to managing long standing relationships with the biggest names in the business of lacrosse, Lewis was able to create an industry that now sees more than 100 entities in that space.
Disenchanted by where the game film space was headed, Chris looked for a better way to service the amateur sports world, while at the same time giving back to those in need. Within a month of having his “little brother” from the BBBS program show dramatic behavioral improvement through his involvement in City Lax, Chris was introduced to Colton and his idea of providing a concierge service for teams and parents. Lewis only had one stipulation to team up on the venture; Colton’s progressive idea must not only donate all of its profits to City Lax, but 80% of its workforce, must be current or former City Lax athletes. McCaffrey took less than 1 second to agree that should be the mission, and the company was launched.

Outside of Re Lax, Lewis is the Owner as well as the Creative Director of Elevation Digital Media, a video production firm with commercials that have aired during the Super Bowl and Oscars. Chris also enjoys his travels around the world surfing, back country skiing and competing in Ironman races.